Friday, November 16, 2012

#JustWrite Prompt

A pulse of unfinished business lingered in the air like the drops of blood that soaked my new shirt.  I had to find him, I had to make this right. 

I did not know it would take so long to see the truth. I am not entirely convinced I know the entire truth now.  But, I'm in too deep, her blood is on my hands and I intend to finish what I started. 

I thought back to her face just before her time was up on this cruel earth, the indeference that cloaked her eyes and lips still haunts me.  She must have known it would come to this someday, she must have known that I would find out. 

He ran, like I knew he would.  The lies unraveled and his facade came crumbling down.  This was all his own fault, really.  When I find him tonight, I will end with him.  The world will be right again and I will let go of my pain. 

He owes me that much. 

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