Sunday, November 25, 2012


Alright friends, welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday.  This is from my work in progress, hope you enjoy. 

Lexi finally reveals her fears and insecurities to David.  Little does she know, there are so many more to come.

She hadn’t thought about how deeply she may have hurt David in her attempt to guard herself. 

Before she could stop the words that fell from her mouth she spewed, “I was scared, David.  I didn’t know how to handle what I felt, what the distance meant.  We barely knew eachother.  I couldn’t rationalize that this connection could be real.  I thought I was hoping for something that didn’t really exist, that you couldn’t possibly feel so strongly for…me.” 

David paused, “I know Lex, I know that’s how you felt.  No matter what I tried, you couldn’t see me.  You couldn’t see that I wanted YOU.”. 

Lexi blushed at how obvious her insecurities were to David. 

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