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Looky, Looky!!! I received a Liebster award for my blog!  A huge thank you to BJ Sheldon for the nomination!  "You love me, you really love me!"  Okay all drama aside, it was unexpected and completely flattering to be nominated by my fellow blogger and writer.  BJ Sheldon recently accepted a publishing deal with Wandering in the Words Press, I just wanted to congratulate her and thank her for always being so lovely and supportive.
Here are the inner workings of the award:
- I list 11 random facts about myself.
- I will answer the 11 questions asked of me by the person who nominated me.
- I will then nominate my 11 picks for the award along with my 11 questions for them to answer when they post a response.
- If you’re nominated, your name/link will appear at the bottom of this post along with your questions. Follow the same format; paste the award badge to your blog, give us 11 random facts about yourself, answer my 11 questions, and choose your nominees…but you cannot nominate the blog who nominated you.

11 Random Facts About Me:

1.  I am a Pisces and believe I fit the profile through and through.

2.  My boyfriend and I have the same birthday.  Yes, we are entirely too much alike sometimes.

3.  I have been a hairstylist for almost 13 years.

4. I am the almost step-mom of two girls, who I love dearly.

5.  I have always loved writing but did not take the leap to actually become a writer until about a year ago.

6.  I have crazy, vibrant, intense dreams almost nightly.

7.  I am all creativity and common sense.  I am not structured or analytical at all, which even
     drives me crazy at times.

8.  When I was young I used highlighters to color my barbies hair then blew them up with bottle rockets.

9.  I am highly loyal and love my family more than anything.

10.   I am an insatiable traveler, I have been to 14 countries, which is not nearly enough in my mind.

11.  I love wine. That is all.

BJ Sheldon's Questions For Me:

-Dogs or cats? Definitely dogs.  Sorry Twitter friends, I just love dogs:)  Besides I'm allergic to cats.

-Who is your favorite author? This is a hard one, I do not really have one favorite.  I love every author and so many different genres of books.  Most recently I have enjoyed S.C. Stephens.  Her Thoughtless and Effortless books are simple but they evoke true feeling.

-What is your favorite classic novel and why? I love "Farewell to Arms" or really any Ernest Hemingway novel.  I love the complexity of his books and how descriptive they can be. 

-If there was one person, either dead or alive, you could spend the day with, who would it be and why? Totally Ernest Hemingway... I think we would just get waisted together and hopefully write something beautiful.  He was a brilliant, grumpy, drunk and I love that about him.

-Book or eReader? I have to say I'm a HUGE eReader fan! I think it is so much more convenient and it saves trees (there's the hippie in me). 

-If they turned your life into a big screen movie, who would play you? I'm not sure but everyone else says a younger Marisa Tomei.  Though I hope I would be a strong female in my role.

-What was it that drew you to become a writer? I needed somewhere to spill creativity and explore the tornado that constantly whirs around in my head.  I love to create and for a long time that was hair.  Don't get me wrong I still enjoy my job, but at this point that's what it is, a job.  Writing is my love, my way to create something that doesn't exist or to make sense of something that does. 

-What is your idea of the perfect day? Well... I'm not going to say "long walks on the beach", but, I think a day filled with a good book, wine, yummy food and sex would probably take the cake for me. 

-What is the name of the person who inspired you the most growing up? How did they inspire you? My mother inspired me the most growing up.  She was a single mom for a while and never let us feel like we were missing out on anything.  She has always been strong, supportive and loving.  I don't think I would have the courage to write or follow any dream without her. 

-Who is your hero and why?  My grandmother.  She was one bad ass bitch!  She said what she thought, and always did what she said.  She never took no for an answer and always believed in herself.  She was not the dainty, proper grandma that your picturing.  No, she was beautiful, fashion forward, smart as hell, and would tell you to "Shut the Fuck Up" if you were annoying her.  She was a voracious reader and the person that really showed me the beauty in books and in writing.  She wrote beautifully, with all of her heart.  She is my hero!

-Where do you hope to be as a writer in ten years?  In ten years... hmm... As I am not much of a planner I tend to take things a day at a time.  But, I do hope to have published a few books that I can truly love and be proud of.  Oh, and I hope you all will love them too:) 

Here are my nominations. Click on their links below and  it will take you to their websites.

Corey Seeley                       

Bobby Salomons                

Christopher  Liccardi                      

Caroline Rainbow              

Kasten Hidalgo                  

Franza Haindl                   

Andrew Hovenden             

Amy Gregory                     

Elena Jacob                       

Colleen Albert                   

Jaime Guerard                  

Okay my lovely nominees.. here are your 11 questions:

1.  What is your favorite thing to rant about?

2.  What is your favorite aspect of writing?

3.  What makes you feel the best that you have ever felt?

4.  How structured are you with your writing?

5.  What has been the best book you have read in the last year?

6.  What is your favorite genre of books to write? To read?

7.  What or who inspires you to write?

8.  How do you picture your writing career developing?

9.  Who is your favorite classic author?  Why?

10.  Do you enjoy writing true to life events or creating your own world?

11.  What is your favorite short story you have ever written?

Congratulations to you all!! Enjoy! XOXO

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"The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton"

You can read the Prologue here:
Zhen Zhen "2nd Wife" here:
Martha here:

I just want to thank everyone for joining in this last week.  It was so much fun having 5 different guest writers along on my blog.  You are all amazingly talented and I am lucky to call you all friends.  Thank you as well to all of our lovely followers and readers.  I hope you have enjoyed our entries as much as we have enjoyed writing them!  Let's do this again soon:) 

Thomas Sutton "The Final Say"

Five entries later and I don’t know whether to thank my dear wives for all of their loving words and understanding, or spank them for being so bad.  I did give them full approval to be honest, but, shit that was more than I had anticipated.  I will say, I love my life today, even more than yesterday.  I am happy to hear that in their own way, every wife is fulfilled in this relationship.  I know there are downfalls at times, but, we truly are a family.  Besides, I get to punish them all later for this, and I SO look forward to it.  Get ready ladies because “Daddy” is coming for you!

As you can see they each have their own captivating personality.  Some even two.  Each is completely remarkable outside and in.  We are not perfect, but, we all love each other wholly.   

I’d like to speak about each wife individually because that is how I think about them.  As you have read, each wife has her own story, her own feelings and her own self.  I never control this for them, I want them to maintain their own identities and be open to me.

Firstly is Sheila, that kinky little minx.  She would run me and the other wives ragged with her fearlessness and willingness to please.   Sheila finds pleasure in being a chameleon, in discovering what truly satisfies everyone in the house and doing just that.  Whether the indulgence is sexual or not, she finds a way to fulfill.  I cannot complain about her ravenous sex drive or greedy mouth.  She cares deeply for all the wives and does a wonderful job at being the glue, making sure everyone feels appreciated. 

Zhen Zhen, my quiet raven.  She is exotic, shy, and deep.  Her soul makes me feel things that are mysterious even to me.  She believes I lie to her, but, there is nothing to lie about.  Her eyes mesmerize me.  I know there is so much pain in Zhen Zhen’s past and every time she opens up to me, I want to thank her.  I climb on top of her and show her how a man really takes care of his wife.  She is a flower, a delicate blossom and she smells like the beautiful Jasmine that I adore.  I am thankful for her sincerity, and her warmth.  She is a rock in the home, whether she knows it or not.

Martha… my syrupy, devoted Martha.  She has probably had the most challenging road in this relationship.  She already had a daughter, a beautiful daughter, who was not raised in this type of lifestyle.  I think Martha’s daughter following her here is a true testament to what an amazing mother she is.  I wish I could make her see that more often.    I know she dreams of being in charge, she dreams of the power.  If only I could make her understand that my wives are the ones with the power.  I am merely a man trying to please and provide for them all.  My life revolves around them, not me.  She adds so much light to the house, I am so lucky to have stopped to help her that day. 

Anne-Marie, my complex beauty.  She battles with herself.  She tears herself apart at times.  I know someday we will build her strength enough to let go of Marie.  She just needs to realize that SHE is Marie, that she is that strength and that fire.  Anne is the gentlest woman and someday together, we will find her balance.  I love her, both sides of her, because in the end she is one in the same person.  I will love her no matter how long her internal battle rages, because she shows me strength and courage every day.  She will never give up.

 Constantsa Gorgeousa, my lovely spitfire.  She is about as independent as they come and I worship that about her.  I enjoy that she feels free to be herself, in our life and in our love.  She had a rocky past with a few men who did not treat kindly, and I am thrilled to hear that she feels unrestricted with me.  She says she has it made, well she does.  I spoil her like crazy and she spoils me right back.  As the newest wife she has taken on a lot, but, she always manages to give right back.

I know you all have read this, at times feeling jealous and at times feeling pity.  Do not pity me.  Do not pity my wives.  We have all chosen this life, and we all make every day as meaningful as we can.   I am fortunate to be surrounded in this much love, honesty and devotion.  I only hope that your relationships have half as many of these virtues.  Thank you for taking the time to hear our side of the story.  Just so you know…we may be up for wife number six soon if you’re feeling feisty.

Now line up ladies because it's time for me to remind you all who is the man around here.  *Slapping the crop in his hand*

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Constantsa Gorgeousa "5th Wife"

"The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton"
Zhen Zhen "2nd Wife" here:
Martha here:
Anne-Marie here:

Kasey is the newest member to our group, she really helped us out in a pinch this week.  Thank you so much Kasey for your help and your entry, also for putting up with our craziness!

"The only time i'm a bad liar is when i'm telling the truth."

 Find Kasey here:

Constantsa Gorgeousa "5th Wife"

Sometimes life is hard, you know?  Always something needing to be done, always decisions to make.  You always assume when you’re a kid that your parents will take care of everything, but take away that security and what are you?  Just a kid?  What are you supposed to do then?  So you take a deep breath, you take a deep breath and you move forward.  You put one foot in front of the other.  And then one day you realize that that’s all it is, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll be fine. 

That realization gave me power.  Ever since then I have treasured my independence.  And now, now I look back on those days with fondness, for they made me who I am – those days of finding myself, scrounging to find the means to get by, learning what I was good at and how to use it to my advantage.  They were tough days, but I was making it work.  And the work itself? Well, it wasn’t all bad - I liked being able to reinvent myself whenever I wanted.  New name.  New look.  New attitude.  It all depended on what the occasion called for, and I always rose to the occasion.

…You know what the best part is, though, about living here with Thomas?  The independence.  You can look at me now and think I’m some kind of “kept woman,” but I’m not.  I just don’t have to scrounge anymore. 

I come and go as I please.  Nobody’s breathing down my neck.  I’ve had men control me before, control what I do and keep eyes on me all the time, and then I always had to bite my tongue as they took away most of what I’d spent so much to get.  That sucked, big surprise.  But it’s hard to make it alone, and I found that it helped to have a little security.  But now?  Hey, I’ve got it made, now.  All it took was one nice and extravagant party – You fancy up, strap on your big-girl heels, and start making eyes.  Eventually you spot a nice big fish, you throw out a line or two, and then you realize that this time, this time things might be a bit different.

Thomas was a different kind of guy.  He was charming, nothing too out of the ordinary there I guess, but he liked me, I could tell.  We got to talking for a little while and I started liking him back, even when I realized he wasn’t the type to pay.  When he handed me his card and said he’d like to see me again, I figured, what the hell do I have to lose? So I kept it.  A phone call, dinner date, a few hotel dates later, and I got a handle on the situation.  I wasn’t bothered.

I met the other girls, my sisters now, I should say.  They’re all right, you know?  We all get along okay.  I keep to myself mostly around the compound but I like having them around, they’re certainly better company than some I’ve had and I’ll admit, some of them are a lot of fun to play with on occasion.  Sometimes we really get into the spirit of things.  And Thomas?  Well, he’s all right, too.  Good-looking guy like that, it isn’t much of a chore to get into the spirit of things with him. 

There are no fa├žades here. Nobody pretending to be something they’re not, not for real, anyway.  I have everything I need, and I don’t have to worry overmuch about it disappearing.

Not a bad way to be, you know?


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Anne-Marie "4th Wife"

"The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton"
Zhen Zhen "2nd Wife" here:
Martha here:

Caroline has such a unique style and  a way of truly captivating her readers. I am so fortunate to have such an amazing writer guest write on my blog today.  Please leave loving comments below.

Caroline lives in a Mad house' but assures me she's quite sane, well most of the time! Believes music soothes the soul and awakens the mind, and though she has not travelled far, she will one day! Find her here:

Anne-Marie "4th Wife"

Anne- Marie

My name is Anne Sutton, I have another name but I am sure she will introduce herself to you in her own good time.

 I have been married to Thomas for three years now, it wasn’t me he met first, but it was I he fell in love with. Confused? Well welcome to my world. I have spent my life time confused. It is only when I lay in Thomas’ arms that my uncertainty leaves me and I am complete.

 Yes I find it hard sharing him with the others; my sisters through love and matrimony. I believe I find it slightly easier than them, as I have shared my whole self since I was born.

 My sister’s sometimes share in the delectable delights that Thomas enjoys. I hear their groans and warmth floods my skin, my fingers find my fleshy mound awakening desires. As pleasure finds me her caustic laugh whispers in my ears filling me with shame as she taunts that I should join in with their frolics. But I can’t. My time with Thomas is precious; I do not want to share any more than I have to.

 I often wonder in times of anguish if he prefers her over me. I torture my already fragile mind that he hopes I will disappear into the oblivion I am forced to wander when she casts me out. After all, it was her that brought him to me.

 It was I my sisters met first, I was meek and timid and they welcomed me with open arms. Under their guidance, I learnt to cook, was even giving instructions how to please Thomas in the ways he likes. He was my first, not hers. No, definitely not hers! I have lost count of her 'first times' with other men.

 In my sorrow I try not to let the hate that twists my gut consumes me. I will not let her win; Thomas is as much mine as hers, or the others.

 She’s laughing at me now; I can hear her mocking me. I feel her pulling me back but I remain strong fuelled by the love I have for my blessed children. I wish to tell you the strength they give me against her, for they are mine. Not hers. She does not love them like I do; it pains me so when I return from the darkness to find fresh tears dried upon puffy cheeks where they have felt the pain of her rejection.

 Thomas always comforts me, soothing kisses and kind words that I am an excellent mother, that my children understand that their mother is slightly different. She is here now, demanding I piss off into the dark and let her shine.

My sisters know; there are no secrets in this house. Secrets grow and fester like mold seeping under the skin infecting the soul with bacteria that breeds contempt. Thomas is quite adamant about that! No lies, ever.

 She is not threatened by my sisters, quite the contrary, she thrives in their disdain. Callous whispers in my ears that Thomas only married me out of pity or that my sisters despise me; think me weak. I know it is not true, her words hurt, but I do not dwell.

Love making with Thomas is gentle, he is such a compassionate man that my heart aches from the weight of love I carry for him. Without him I would disintegrate into a permanent void of sorrow.

I leave you now, I cannot hold on. She is here.

My name is Marie Sutton. I guess you could say that Thomas gets two for the price of one. I have had to share my life with that miserable existence that refuses to hang up coat and jump the bridge.

 She provides great amusement to me in her bumbling attempts at seduction. A soggy leaf of dampness between her legs is not enough to get my Thomas hard and wanting. It’s laughable.

When he met me he all but foamed at the mouth, his insatiable appetite matching mine. We had collapsed together in tangled limbs of exhaustion. Awoken by her pitiful cries of humiliation, Thomas had fallen in love with her weakness, the Neanderthals instinct to protect what's his.

When I broke through the membrane of her mind I discovered I was married into a world where a man got to have his cake and lick every crumb off the plate. She lets him lick of course, lord help her if she responds! I swear I've never heard anyone pray for forgiveness more than I have her.

I leave her to the chores, let her be the good little house wife she wants to be, mingle with her sisters, mother her children. All I ask is that I get my share of Thomas when I want him. Oh she fights me on that one! It is about the only time I feel the strength in her that stops me swallowing her whole.

I find it all so amusing how much they all worship him, how they work so damn hard to please him in and out the bedroom. Silly woman, they hate me. I see it in their eyes when I break through the thin veil that divides us.

 So easily I could shred the delicate fabric, though I have no desire to be someone’s little woman, the only place for me is in Thomas arms with his hard cock raging deep inside me.

I know what he wants. He encourages me out that stupid bitch, no matter what he tells them. I know he lies to them regardless of his righteous words. I'm his secret whore. I perform whatever dark desires that consume his needs; he cannot hide his true wants from me!

‘Shut your whining bitch, it’s my turn.’ That voice! It scratches at my brain like fleas sucking my blood, an irritant I can't relieve myself of no matter how hard I try to push her over the edge.

 We are one regardless. I’m the dark she's the light, all little miss perfect in a world of sin playing happy families.

Forgive me, she is gone for now.

 My family might not be traditional but it is mine, our conflicts are just as any others, our priority to our children as important as yours.

We battle against the poison of jealousy as we each strive to be pleasing to the man we have pledged our love to. It is hard and at times we struggle but it is no different than trials and tribulations of others. Respect of one anothers time with our husband is a must; our differences are what unite us. Though we share love, it is only I who shares myself.


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Martha "3rd Wife"

"The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton"

Thank you to Franza Dirnberger for guest writing on todays entry. You are a stellar writer and I am greatful to have your post. Thank you for everything.
Franza is a poet by heart, and sometimes dipping her toe into writing stories. is currently obsessed with Dylan Thomas, loves the smell of a new book.
interested in lifes difficulties and sometimes starts singing and dancing in the streets for no particular reason.

Find her on
Martha "3rd Wife"
My husband asked me to write about our marrige, our family life. I will try to follow his request.

I met Thomas on the side of a road leading to Cheyenne. My car had broken down, he helped me to change the tire. Imediately i was attraccted to him. He serenaded me with hushed tones and softly kisses. When he told me about his ideas of marrige i was already falling for him. How could i not share him, when he asked me, my knight in shining armor? Share his warmth and kindness? It is for Thomas, we give ourselfs, our bodys, our spirits, our life. I gave him a son and he gave me a family.

 Before it was me and my daughter, fighting through the tides of life in Wyomings silent green hills.  I think, this is why it took her a while to adapt to the rules and regulations of our community, but with the help of my sisters, she will eventually. She used to play this game, mumbling I am, I am at her mirrors gaze, whenever i brushed her hair. She is a strange kid. She always was. Thomas tries to be a good father to her, he really does. I am greatful for his devotion to all of us.

 But the truth is, i envy him. Sometimes. There, i said it. I envy my husband. When i sit like now on my porch at firefly scattered nights watching the stars emerge from the horizon, i start to wonder. How would it be if our roles were reversed. I imagine myself married to five men. One for each day of the week. One to please me, one to raise my children, one to keep me company and one for cleaning. I could be on my own for once, a day or two. Be the one with power. I would serenade them and rise upon their firey touches, like a honeybee crowning my status. Ist silly i know, he told me. 

 He knows. How i feel, how i think. He calls me Mister Marita when we are alone and he gives me what i want.  Only when i feel him inside me, my body moving to this eclectic dance of ours and his  arms directing me to the outer most limits of space, i am able to release lifes routine and be someone else. A stranger exploring a well known country. And a stranger i am.

 Clattering dishes are calling me inside. I watch her in the kitchen preparing dinner. Strains of blonde are tangled in eyelashes. The lines on her face are preserving sorrow and laughter. These moments when i catch her off guard, i feel an urge to hug her real thight and rest my head against her back. But i know she wont let me.

I know this is the life i chose for her, for us. And she followed me. My first born. My strengh. Jules. All my aspirations chanelling inside her.  It is in the little quiet moments when i deteced trails of ressentment and agony in her movement and voice. I am afarid for her. I do not want to loose her. But i can not leave.

 In many ways we are creating our own reality around desires.

We are a community of woman sharing life and occasionally a husband. Women who provide for each other, love each other, fight with each other. We are, friend, lover, wife, mother, housewife. Thomas is himself, always.

I think, after all, it were my sisters who chose me.


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Zhen Zhen- "2nd Wife"

"The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton"
I'd like to thank Kasten for taking the time to guest blog for me today.  She is a talented writer, and I think you will all enjoy her entry. 
Leave your loving comments below, we love that!
Ilka Kasten H. is a 3 point virgin: Virgin tweep, virgin blogger, virgin writer. Popped her cherry all in the same week and She is loving it. Please follow her a:

Zhen Zhen "The 2nd Wife"

I like to think I’m special. He always tells me I am when I sit on his lap and he strokes my long raven hair. You see, he picked me. He said it was my eyes, he tells me they were different from the others. I know he lies, and that is why I love him.

            He lays with me on Thursdays, but that is all we do, he lies beside me and strokes my hair.

I ask him again, “How did you pick me out?”

He replies with the same answer, “You’re special, I knew it. Your eyes tell a different story than the others, and when you are ready to tell me that story, I will be here to listen.”

I had other sisters before these new sisters. My old sisters, we all held the same expression in our slated eyes. These new sisters, no, they hold almost too many expressions.

I ask him, “What story did you see in me?”

My head is on his lap as he replies stroking my hair, “A story of sisters.”

I think about that.

Next Thursday comes and I lie on top of him with my hair playfully on his face. He breathes in the smell of the jasmine oil I put in it for him.

“What story about my sisters?”

He doesn’t move my hair from his face when he softly says my name, “ZhenZhen,” warmth floods my cheeks, “How can I tell a story that is not mine?”

I watch my sisters, maybe they have the story I need to tell. I watch them on their nights with my love. I watch the things they do. I watch the things he does to them. I watch the things they do to each other.

Thursday comes again and I am excited, I jump on him when he enters my room and he catches me like a falling bird.
His eyes twinkle as he laughs, “What is it my jasmine flower?”
I smile, jump down from his arms and take him to the chair and sit him down, “I have a story to tell you.”
I tell him what I’ve seen in my words. I tell him how the candle light makes my sister’s breasts look soft as he kisses her neck. I tell him how the noise of the whip carries through the house. I tell him which way my sisters kiss each other to pleasure one another. I tell him everything.

Then I watch him.
I watch him as he unbuttons his shirt. I watch him as he unzips his pants. I watch him as he takes off his boxers and sits back down in the chair.
He holds himself in his hand, “Tell me again.”

Thursday, December 6, 2012

SHEILA "First Wife"

"The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton" 
Please welcome our "First Wife" and first person to guest write on my blog!  Thank you Sheila for all of your hard work.  You can read the prologue to this story here:
Sheila Hudnall is intent on reeking havoc upon the masses. Otherwise, she bides her time writing reviews for the devilishly clever Dark Faerie Tales website. Beware fair readers of her presence on Twitter, lest she attack you with her dry humor and random bouts of lyrics.

SHEILA "First Wife"

Thomas and I were meant to be.  I knew this truth the first time I set my eyes on him.  Our marriage and our two boys are gifts from above.  How can I look into the eyes of my children, my miracles, without knowing there is divinity in the world?  If that is true, then so is love in all its many forms.  We ARE meant to be, including all of my sister wives.  We are a TRUE family, looking out for each other and our husband. Let me tell you about us, and you can decide what you will afterward.

The way Thomas and I were raised, the idea of multiple wives is the norm.  Who else can I count on to watch out for the best interests of my children? To please my husband?  Thomas is devoted TO US ALL.  He is not cheating on me; he is helping us in this life and the next.  Nor did he decide that I cannot satisfy him and therefore looked around for a replacement.  We are sealed.  There is no divorce that can tear our immortal souls apart.  To tell the truth, I was the one that brought it up first.

Our sex life is quite active and, to be honest, hard for me to keep up with.  I have children to raise, a job to work, and a house to maintain.  I love Thomas with all my heart but, sometimes I am worn out from his constant love making sessions.  Insatiable is putting it mildly! 

I should take a moment to explain Thomas’s sexual appetite.  There is NOTHING I am unwilling to do for the man I love, and I do mean NOTHING.  It is nothing to me to be shared, Dominated, or anything else you can think of in comparison to the pleasure my man gets from it.  It is one of my many, and happiest, duties as his wife.  Having him ride me while I am chained and helpless; being deprived of my senses has me writhing in anticipation.  I love it when he uses toys to punish my body as he sees fit.  Thomas has no problems taking my head and fucking my mouth as I drip my own arousal all over the floor beneath my knees.  I need it and he provides it, over and over and over again until I weep from it. 

It pleases him to have total control over me, to love and protect me, and push us both beyond our limits.  If you can see that, then you can start to understand that this goes beyond the calls of the flesh and heavenly duties.  We want each other to be happy and sharing our lives with others makes both of us very happy!

When we sat down and talked about adding a new wife, it was much like any other big decision in our marriage.  We both had to be happy with his choice or it would not work.  I will not have a woman I can’t trust around either my kids or husband, no matter how hot she was or how great in bed!

So, are you wondering how we even started?  Well, truthfully, each wife was different just like they are.  But once we knew what we wanted, it was just a normal courting to begin with.  The big difference being that if she wanted to stay, she had to agree to ALL of us and not just Thomas.  We have no room for possessiveness or petty squabbling.  Each wife has her nights with our husband and that’s it.  Scheduled just like any other job; trading nights and working around our individual schedules and responsibilities. 

My house is the MAIN house.  This is where we all meet and hang out.  Each wife has her own place within the compound but we try to spend as much time together as possible.  To be honest, we have to really work at our home harmony.  If I’m upset, I may end up taking it out on one of my sister wives.  We support each other and call bull shit when necessary.

I have never had a problem helping another woman out they may need “special” treatment.  I may be Submissive for Thomas but I have no problems taking up the Dom reigns.  To have a beautiful woman, bound, blindfolded, and gagged, laid out for your pleasure is a tremendous high.  Her trust must be absolute that you will not take it so far that someone will get hurt.  She trusts you to bring her pleasure by teaching her to pleasure you.  There is nothing more humbling.  Hearing her sighs and her gasps as the pain turns to pleasure… nothing better believe me. 

Even now, I still enjoy my alone time with our loving provider.  He makes love to me by candlelight, soft and slow.  He pushes me against the wall and plows into me like his live depended on it.  I hang from our sex swing while he freely uses any and all of my holes.  After all these years, we freely enjoy each other’s bodies as we did in the beginning.  The only difference is so do the others!   

To be honest, Thomas is but one man for six women, did you really think that he could keep up all by himself? Please, no one can be that naive.  We are married, not just to Thomas, but to each other.  We are each unique individuals with individual kinks and desires.  If someone needs to cuddle, I  can help.  If someone needs a spanking, let me grab my crop.  And on the rare occasion or special anniversary, I have no problem sharing my night with others.

There are no secrets.  I keep telling you this.  They all know that I like it rough and fast, with Thomas riding me hard from behind with a beautiful woman’s legs wrapped around my head.  At times, I love to just sit back and watch the other women loving each other while Thomas is occupied with one of us in the middle.  It is breathtaking to see so much love shared between so many partners.  I have always loved sharing, long before we were more than just two, and I would not change anything for all the gold in the world.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton


I will start by saying that I am thoroughly offended by the portrayal of polygamist families on television.  That is why I decided it was time to portray the truth, our truth.  We are not all fat, unattractive slobs and needy human beings.  We are people that understand the value of helping one another and enjoying a fulfilled life.  No, we do not live a lifestyle in the traditional sense, but, that is not to say that we love each other any less.  I have approved my five beautiful wives to be completely open and honest in their following stories.  I will share one of their stories each day for the following week. So please check in to see their side of things, they love hearing feedback.

I am Thomas Sutton, a wealthy entrepreneur with millions to spare.  I was raised in a polygamist community and although I strayed for several years from the lifestyle in my early twenties, I came back.  I had to leave and experience something different, to be sure that this was a lifestyle that I could really commit to.  Already a fairly successful executive at this time, I was thrilled when I met my first wife, Sheila. 
Sheila was young and beautiful, also brought up in a polygamist home.  I had never felt that love and devotion before and could not believe that I would be able to feel it again someday.  Sheila was open to loving me and someone else, possibly several others.  She was strong, loving and an absolute giver in the bedroom.  I know that I am not supposed to talk about the fulfillment I get from my wives.  I am positive that when my neighbors read this they will shun my candidness about sexuality.  But this is our reality.  This is what you need to hear to set the record straight.

I suppose the best part of leaving the community for me was gaining a fresh perspective.  My parents were old school.  They would never have admitted that sex was a massive perk of this lifestyle.  Times change though, and so does the belief system.  I love every one of my wives as much as the last and I mean that.  They are all beautiful and different, each adding something amazing to our relationship.  

Yes, there is drama and jealousy every now and then.  Yes, I have amazing sex with all of them.  I am aware that this is a taboo subject in our community; however, it is the truth.  I have maintained and enjoyed relationships with six different wives, in a million different ways (and positions).  My life is never a bore and my spicy wives adapt amazingly to each new relationship and child. 

I have an abundance of children all who love me and call me dad, while my wives sometimes call me "daddy".  I love every one of my children almost as much as I enjoyed making them.  In the following days you will find a candid insight into each of my wives arrangement not only with me, but with their sister wives. 
Please let me introduce my gorgeous wives: Sheila, Zhen Zhen, Martha, Ann Marie and last but not least my newest addition, Constantsa Gorgeousa. 
I will be back to chime in after their entries.... So be nice ladies. Enjoy!
Written by: Lindsay Pate, Long time motor mouth and avid reader, L. Pate is currently working on her first novel. It is a love/hate relationship that she hopes to one day come to grips with and actually publish. Until then she distracts herself with her new blog, short stories, and her crazy supportive boyfriend and his two beautiful daughters.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 12/2/12

                                           WELCOME TO SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY!!

This week I am editing my work in progress novel.  To take a break, I decided to use this little Christmas muse to get us all in the holiday spirit.  Be good kids, she is watching you.

Lona had once adored these humans, flitting from place to place bathing herself in their holiday cheer.  The intense feelings of love and warmth that she cherished so deeply had now been replaced with pure greed and selfishness.
How could things have changed so drastically?
The progression was slow, making it easy to let it slide, but, there was no denying it now.  People had twisted the meaning of the holiday so drastically that Lona felt the only way to make this right was to destroy it.
 To her, Christmas was dead, it was now a time to mourn something that was once beautiful and full of light. 
 Now she would bring them all darkness.

Okay that was 7 sentences... so shoot me:)  I'd love to hear feedback if you would take the time to leave a comment below.  Thank you for stopping by.