Sunday, November 18, 2012


She had been looking forward to their trip, especially when she thought about her most recent failed relationship at home. 
However, something still bothered her more than the relationship itself.  The thought whirled around in her head constantly for the last few weeks…she really didn’t give a shit about it. 
Shouldn’t she care?  Shouldn’t she cry and watch old movies and gossip to her girlfriends about him?  But she did not.  She felt thrilled, tickled even that she did not have to pretend anymore.
When her friends called concerned for her, Lexi brushed off the comments feigning sadness in attempt to appear less than heartless.   


  1. I don't understand why she feels the need to pretend to care. If she's relieved that it failed, wouldn't it be natural to show relief? Or are there other reasons that she needs to pretend?

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I realize after looking at other blogs that I should add backstory and explain these posts futher. This is from my WIP novel. Lexi is embarassed that at 25 she has never been in love and even more, has never even cared about a relationship before. She does not connect to men the way her friends do and worries that something is wrong with her. Her inabliity to grow close to others and develop relationships causes her insecurities. Lexi feels like she should react more like other people she knows, but, it is not a genuine reaction.