Saturday, December 8, 2012

Martha "3rd Wife"

"The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton"

Thank you to Franza Dirnberger for guest writing on todays entry. You are a stellar writer and I am greatful to have your post. Thank you for everything.
Franza is a poet by heart, and sometimes dipping her toe into writing stories. is currently obsessed with Dylan Thomas, loves the smell of a new book.
interested in lifes difficulties and sometimes starts singing and dancing in the streets for no particular reason.

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Martha "3rd Wife"
My husband asked me to write about our marrige, our family life. I will try to follow his request.

I met Thomas on the side of a road leading to Cheyenne. My car had broken down, he helped me to change the tire. Imediately i was attraccted to him. He serenaded me with hushed tones and softly kisses. When he told me about his ideas of marrige i was already falling for him. How could i not share him, when he asked me, my knight in shining armor? Share his warmth and kindness? It is for Thomas, we give ourselfs, our bodys, our spirits, our life. I gave him a son and he gave me a family.

 Before it was me and my daughter, fighting through the tides of life in Wyomings silent green hills.  I think, this is why it took her a while to adapt to the rules and regulations of our community, but with the help of my sisters, she will eventually. She used to play this game, mumbling I am, I am at her mirrors gaze, whenever i brushed her hair. She is a strange kid. She always was. Thomas tries to be a good father to her, he really does. I am greatful for his devotion to all of us.

 But the truth is, i envy him. Sometimes. There, i said it. I envy my husband. When i sit like now on my porch at firefly scattered nights watching the stars emerge from the horizon, i start to wonder. How would it be if our roles were reversed. I imagine myself married to five men. One for each day of the week. One to please me, one to raise my children, one to keep me company and one for cleaning. I could be on my own for once, a day or two. Be the one with power. I would serenade them and rise upon their firey touches, like a honeybee crowning my status. Ist silly i know, he told me. 

 He knows. How i feel, how i think. He calls me Mister Marita when we are alone and he gives me what i want.  Only when i feel him inside me, my body moving to this eclectic dance of ours and his  arms directing me to the outer most limits of space, i am able to release lifes routine and be someone else. A stranger exploring a well known country. And a stranger i am.

 Clattering dishes are calling me inside. I watch her in the kitchen preparing dinner. Strains of blonde are tangled in eyelashes. The lines on her face are preserving sorrow and laughter. These moments when i catch her off guard, i feel an urge to hug her real thight and rest my head against her back. But i know she wont let me.

I know this is the life i chose for her, for us. And she followed me. My first born. My strengh. Jules. All my aspirations chanelling inside her.  It is in the little quiet moments when i deteced trails of ressentment and agony in her movement and voice. I am afarid for her. I do not want to loose her. But i can not leave.

 In many ways we are creating our own reality around desires.

We are a community of woman sharing life and occasionally a husband. Women who provide for each other, love each other, fight with each other. We are, friend, lover, wife, mother, housewife. Thomas is himself, always.

I think, after all, it were my sisters who chose me.



  1. Franza, this is such a heartfelt twist to the delightfully 'full' life of a Thomas' wife! Love it :)

  2. Oh so thought provoking Franza. You should write more stories as well as beautiful poetry! I enjoyed this perspective quite a lot. Anyone who doesn't envy Thomas is lying lol.
    Great job!

  3. I too loved the depth and dynamic this brought to the story! I'll be sad when this is all over! Everyone is so talented!

  4. I too loved the depth and dynamic this brought to the story! I'll be sad when this is all over! Everyone is so talented!