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Constantsa Gorgeousa "5th Wife"

"The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton"
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Constantsa Gorgeousa "5th Wife"

Sometimes life is hard, you know?  Always something needing to be done, always decisions to make.  You always assume when you’re a kid that your parents will take care of everything, but take away that security and what are you?  Just a kid?  What are you supposed to do then?  So you take a deep breath, you take a deep breath and you move forward.  You put one foot in front of the other.  And then one day you realize that that’s all it is, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll be fine. 

That realization gave me power.  Ever since then I have treasured my independence.  And now, now I look back on those days with fondness, for they made me who I am – those days of finding myself, scrounging to find the means to get by, learning what I was good at and how to use it to my advantage.  They were tough days, but I was making it work.  And the work itself? Well, it wasn’t all bad - I liked being able to reinvent myself whenever I wanted.  New name.  New look.  New attitude.  It all depended on what the occasion called for, and I always rose to the occasion.

…You know what the best part is, though, about living here with Thomas?  The independence.  You can look at me now and think I’m some kind of “kept woman,” but I’m not.  I just don’t have to scrounge anymore. 

I come and go as I please.  Nobody’s breathing down my neck.  I’ve had men control me before, control what I do and keep eyes on me all the time, and then I always had to bite my tongue as they took away most of what I’d spent so much to get.  That sucked, big surprise.  But it’s hard to make it alone, and I found that it helped to have a little security.  But now?  Hey, I’ve got it made, now.  All it took was one nice and extravagant party – You fancy up, strap on your big-girl heels, and start making eyes.  Eventually you spot a nice big fish, you throw out a line or two, and then you realize that this time, this time things might be a bit different.

Thomas was a different kind of guy.  He was charming, nothing too out of the ordinary there I guess, but he liked me, I could tell.  We got to talking for a little while and I started liking him back, even when I realized he wasn’t the type to pay.  When he handed me his card and said he’d like to see me again, I figured, what the hell do I have to lose? So I kept it.  A phone call, dinner date, a few hotel dates later, and I got a handle on the situation.  I wasn’t bothered.

I met the other girls, my sisters now, I should say.  They’re all right, you know?  We all get along okay.  I keep to myself mostly around the compound but I like having them around, they’re certainly better company than some I’ve had and I’ll admit, some of them are a lot of fun to play with on occasion.  Sometimes we really get into the spirit of things.  And Thomas?  Well, he’s all right, too.  Good-looking guy like that, it isn’t much of a chore to get into the spirit of things with him. 

There are no façades here. Nobody pretending to be something they’re not, not for real, anyway.  I have everything I need, and I don’t have to worry overmuch about it disappearing.

Not a bad way to be, you know?


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  1. oh, and another layer...thank you so much for stepping in and helping out, you wrote a great story.