Tuesday, December 11, 2012


"The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton"

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I just want to thank everyone for joining in this last week.  It was so much fun having 5 different guest writers along on my blog.  You are all amazingly talented and I am lucky to call you all friends.  Thank you as well to all of our lovely followers and readers.  I hope you have enjoyed our entries as much as we have enjoyed writing them!  Let's do this again soon:) 

Thomas Sutton "The Final Say"

Five entries later and I don’t know whether to thank my dear wives for all of their loving words and understanding, or spank them for being so bad.  I did give them full approval to be honest, but, shit that was more than I had anticipated.  I will say, I love my life today, even more than yesterday.  I am happy to hear that in their own way, every wife is fulfilled in this relationship.  I know there are downfalls at times, but, we truly are a family.  Besides, I get to punish them all later for this, and I SO look forward to it.  Get ready ladies because “Daddy” is coming for you!

As you can see they each have their own captivating personality.  Some even two.  Each is completely remarkable outside and in.  We are not perfect, but, we all love each other wholly.   

I’d like to speak about each wife individually because that is how I think about them.  As you have read, each wife has her own story, her own feelings and her own self.  I never control this for them, I want them to maintain their own identities and be open to me.

Firstly is Sheila, that kinky little minx.  She would run me and the other wives ragged with her fearlessness and willingness to please.   Sheila finds pleasure in being a chameleon, in discovering what truly satisfies everyone in the house and doing just that.  Whether the indulgence is sexual or not, she finds a way to fulfill.  I cannot complain about her ravenous sex drive or greedy mouth.  She cares deeply for all the wives and does a wonderful job at being the glue, making sure everyone feels appreciated. 

Zhen Zhen, my quiet raven.  She is exotic, shy, and deep.  Her soul makes me feel things that are mysterious even to me.  She believes I lie to her, but, there is nothing to lie about.  Her eyes mesmerize me.  I know there is so much pain in Zhen Zhen’s past and every time she opens up to me, I want to thank her.  I climb on top of her and show her how a man really takes care of his wife.  She is a flower, a delicate blossom and she smells like the beautiful Jasmine that I adore.  I am thankful for her sincerity, and her warmth.  She is a rock in the home, whether she knows it or not.

Martha… my syrupy, devoted Martha.  She has probably had the most challenging road in this relationship.  She already had a daughter, a beautiful daughter, who was not raised in this type of lifestyle.  I think Martha’s daughter following her here is a true testament to what an amazing mother she is.  I wish I could make her see that more often.    I know she dreams of being in charge, she dreams of the power.  If only I could make her understand that my wives are the ones with the power.  I am merely a man trying to please and provide for them all.  My life revolves around them, not me.  She adds so much light to the house, I am so lucky to have stopped to help her that day. 

Anne-Marie, my complex beauty.  She battles with herself.  She tears herself apart at times.  I know someday we will build her strength enough to let go of Marie.  She just needs to realize that SHE is Marie, that she is that strength and that fire.  Anne is the gentlest woman and someday together, we will find her balance.  I love her, both sides of her, because in the end she is one in the same person.  I will love her no matter how long her internal battle rages, because she shows me strength and courage every day.  She will never give up.

 Constantsa Gorgeousa, my lovely spitfire.  She is about as independent as they come and I worship that about her.  I enjoy that she feels free to be herself, in our life and in our love.  She had a rocky past with a few men who did not treat kindly, and I am thrilled to hear that she feels unrestricted with me.  She says she has it made, well she does.  I spoil her like crazy and she spoils me right back.  As the newest wife she has taken on a lot, but, she always manages to give right back.

I know you all have read this, at times feeling jealous and at times feeling pity.  Do not pity me.  Do not pity my wives.  We have all chosen this life, and we all make every day as meaningful as we can.   I am fortunate to be surrounded in this much love, honesty and devotion.  I only hope that your relationships have half as many of these virtues.  Thank you for taking the time to hear our side of the story.  Just so you know…we may be up for wife number six soon if you’re feeling feisty.

Now line up ladies because it's time for me to remind you all who is the man around here.  *Slapping the crop in his hand*


  1. Oh I am left with a big smile at the ending to our wicked tale :) Lindsay, you have done us all proud. It has been most fun and I look forward to writing with you all again. Lots of hug & kisses to you al XOXO

  2. can only join Caroline, what a perfect ending to this fun, inspiring collaboration. You wove every storyline together and left the ending with a promise for more...
    I would love to do this with all of you again...
    Thanks for this crazy adventure, my hottie..
    xo to all of you,

  3. Ladies...
    Superb work. Insightful, imaginative and very very thought provoking although they are all naughty thoughts, I must say ;)

    I look forward to your next writing venture, each and every one of you.