Thursday, December 6, 2012

SHEILA "First Wife"

"The Five Wives of the Insatiable Thomas Sutton" 
Please welcome our "First Wife" and first person to guest write on my blog!  Thank you Sheila for all of your hard work.  You can read the prologue to this story here:
Sheila Hudnall is intent on reeking havoc upon the masses. Otherwise, she bides her time writing reviews for the devilishly clever Dark Faerie Tales website. Beware fair readers of her presence on Twitter, lest she attack you with her dry humor and random bouts of lyrics.

SHEILA "First Wife"

Thomas and I were meant to be.  I knew this truth the first time I set my eyes on him.  Our marriage and our two boys are gifts from above.  How can I look into the eyes of my children, my miracles, without knowing there is divinity in the world?  If that is true, then so is love in all its many forms.  We ARE meant to be, including all of my sister wives.  We are a TRUE family, looking out for each other and our husband. Let me tell you about us, and you can decide what you will afterward.

The way Thomas and I were raised, the idea of multiple wives is the norm.  Who else can I count on to watch out for the best interests of my children? To please my husband?  Thomas is devoted TO US ALL.  He is not cheating on me; he is helping us in this life and the next.  Nor did he decide that I cannot satisfy him and therefore looked around for a replacement.  We are sealed.  There is no divorce that can tear our immortal souls apart.  To tell the truth, I was the one that brought it up first.

Our sex life is quite active and, to be honest, hard for me to keep up with.  I have children to raise, a job to work, and a house to maintain.  I love Thomas with all my heart but, sometimes I am worn out from his constant love making sessions.  Insatiable is putting it mildly! 

I should take a moment to explain Thomas’s sexual appetite.  There is NOTHING I am unwilling to do for the man I love, and I do mean NOTHING.  It is nothing to me to be shared, Dominated, or anything else you can think of in comparison to the pleasure my man gets from it.  It is one of my many, and happiest, duties as his wife.  Having him ride me while I am chained and helpless; being deprived of my senses has me writhing in anticipation.  I love it when he uses toys to punish my body as he sees fit.  Thomas has no problems taking my head and fucking my mouth as I drip my own arousal all over the floor beneath my knees.  I need it and he provides it, over and over and over again until I weep from it. 

It pleases him to have total control over me, to love and protect me, and push us both beyond our limits.  If you can see that, then you can start to understand that this goes beyond the calls of the flesh and heavenly duties.  We want each other to be happy and sharing our lives with others makes both of us very happy!

When we sat down and talked about adding a new wife, it was much like any other big decision in our marriage.  We both had to be happy with his choice or it would not work.  I will not have a woman I can’t trust around either my kids or husband, no matter how hot she was or how great in bed!

So, are you wondering how we even started?  Well, truthfully, each wife was different just like they are.  But once we knew what we wanted, it was just a normal courting to begin with.  The big difference being that if she wanted to stay, she had to agree to ALL of us and not just Thomas.  We have no room for possessiveness or petty squabbling.  Each wife has her nights with our husband and that’s it.  Scheduled just like any other job; trading nights and working around our individual schedules and responsibilities. 

My house is the MAIN house.  This is where we all meet and hang out.  Each wife has her own place within the compound but we try to spend as much time together as possible.  To be honest, we have to really work at our home harmony.  If I’m upset, I may end up taking it out on one of my sister wives.  We support each other and call bull shit when necessary.

I have never had a problem helping another woman out they may need “special” treatment.  I may be Submissive for Thomas but I have no problems taking up the Dom reigns.  To have a beautiful woman, bound, blindfolded, and gagged, laid out for your pleasure is a tremendous high.  Her trust must be absolute that you will not take it so far that someone will get hurt.  She trusts you to bring her pleasure by teaching her to pleasure you.  There is nothing more humbling.  Hearing her sighs and her gasps as the pain turns to pleasure… nothing better believe me. 

Even now, I still enjoy my alone time with our loving provider.  He makes love to me by candlelight, soft and slow.  He pushes me against the wall and plows into me like his live depended on it.  I hang from our sex swing while he freely uses any and all of my holes.  After all these years, we freely enjoy each other’s bodies as we did in the beginning.  The only difference is so do the others!   

To be honest, Thomas is but one man for six women, did you really think that he could keep up all by himself? Please, no one can be that naive.  We are married, not just to Thomas, but to each other.  We are each unique individuals with individual kinks and desires.  If someone needs to cuddle, I  can help.  If someone needs a spanking, let me grab my crop.  And on the rare occasion or special anniversary, I have no problem sharing my night with others.

There are no secrets.  I keep telling you this.  They all know that I like it rough and fast, with Thomas riding me hard from behind with a beautiful woman’s legs wrapped around my head.  At times, I love to just sit back and watch the other women loving each other while Thomas is occupied with one of us in the middle.  It is breathtaking to see so much love shared between so many partners.  I have always loved sharing, long before we were more than just two, and I would not change anything for all the gold in the world.


  1. I want to be Thomas when I grow up!
    Well done Sheila. This is my new favorite blog EVER... even more than mine. Its going to be difficult to pick a favorite wife :(

    1. Sheila! Wow, love it! Just brilliant.
      You are the woMAN!!!!!!! :)

  2. sheila you are hitting it pretty hard..:) great introduction for the first it
    and Lindsey, great way of presenting the stories, thank you for having us and guiding us in this teriffic adventure!